Neil Billock: Creating New Avenues in the World of Direct Marketing

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Marketing is pivotal to the success of every business. This is the reason most organizations break all grounds to acquire the best talent to represent their brand. Neil Billock is one such name. Presently lending his expertise to Vertical Direct Marketing Group - a prominent direct marketing solutions provider - Neil is the driving force behind the company's dynamic Sales & Marketing divisions.

Neil Billock started his journey with Vertical Direct Marketing Group back in the year 2009, when the US economy was on a gradual course to recovery after the financial catastrophe of 2008. In just two years of joining hands with the company, Neil's proactive approach and exceptional competence received due acknowledgement, as he was made a partner in the company, a position he holds to this day.

Since joining Vertical Direct, Neil has played a key role in the development and implementation of a wide spectrum of highly successful client campaigns on various scales. He brings to the table vast experience in diverse disciplines of marketing including Marketing, Design, Direct Mail, Printing and Business Management. Neil also has in-depth understanding of Response and Lead Tracking.

Neil's persistence in defying conventions and creating highly effective marketing campaigns not only helped Vertical Direct to become a leading player in its segment, but also gave him wide recognition in the marketing universe. In June 2013, Neil received San Diego's most prestigious tech accolade - Top Tech Exec Awards - an honor for €brilliant leaders€, €superheroes of IT€, and €awesome innovators€.

Over the years, Neil Billock has gained vast exposure to diverse markets including Auto, Retail, Finance, Communication, and sports & health equipment. Some of the notable clients he has channeled for Vertical Direct include Quicken Home Loans, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, National Football League, Direct TV, Cox Communications, Gold's Gym International, Toyota Motor Company, etc.

Stepping into 2014, when the world is witnessing a remarkable paradigm shift in business operations, Neil Billock is surely one the industry leaders to trail. Given his capability and laser-sharp vision, he is sure to have numerous innovations up his sleeve to combat the vicissitudes of the marketing business and help Vertical Direct maintain its ride on the highway to relentless success.

Though it would be a bit premature to forecast what we have in store from this industry leader; however, with Vertical Direct Marketing Group claiming ten times ROI for their clientele depending on the length of the program, it would be safe to say that Neil is all set to play a major role in all endeavors by the company to acquire new clients and enhance the yield from existing accounts.
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