The Four Benefits of Sending an Insurance Newsletter

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It's surprising that many professionals, especially insurance agents, lose so much business because they don't stay in touch with their clients and prospects.
Rather than keep in touch with prospects until they are ready to buy, the average insurance agent wastes inordinate time looking for "new " people when the easiest new clients are in their prospect database-if they would only stay in touch.
 The easiest way to do that is with an insurance newsletter you don't need to write.
You gain 4 distinct benefits by sending an insurance newsletter to your prospect and clients   Reason #1 to send an insurance newsletter: You diffuse the main reason that clients leave their advisors lack of contact.
 Study after study shows this to be the top reason that clients leave their financial advisors.
 It's not poor products or a poor investment return, it's simply that they don't hear from their insurance professional.
  Reason #2 to send an insurance newsletter: By seeing your photo each month, people feel like they know you better.
 And you've heard this a million times-people do business with people they know.
 So you want that repetitive exposure that an insurance newsletter brings   Reason #3 to send an insurance newsletter: If you don't stay in front of prospects every 30 days, they forget you.
 It's estimated that people are bombarded with 3000 messages a day.
 What chance do you have of them calling you after 6 months? None.
 By reminding your prospect of your association, they won't forget you and when they have a desire for your products or services, you are likely to be first on their list to call.
  Reason #4 to send an insurance newsletter: You prove that you have staying power.
 The turnover in insurance agents and stockbrokers is incredible.
 It's estimated that after 4 years, 85% of these financial sales professionals have left the industry.
 By sending your newsletter each month, you show your constituents that you are there for the long haul to be relied on.
  Get the details on sending your insurance newsletter and stop losing those sales that get away.
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