How Do I Enclose a Modern Carport?

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    • 1). Measure the height and width of the back, left side and right side of the car port with the tape measure.

    • 2). Transfer the measurements to the vinyl tarp. Make an outline on the tarp where it will need to be cut by using the felt-tip marker. Cut the vinyl into four correct size pieces with the scissors.

    • 3). Add grommets every 8 to 10 inches on the top and sides of the cut pieces of tarp by using the grommet kit.

    • 4). Place the cut section of tarp that is to form the back of the carport in place. Loop the zip ties through the grommets at the top of the section of tarp and around the frame. Pull the zip ties tight to secure the piece of tarp to the carport. Repeat this step for the left and right sides of the car port.

    • 5). Align each section of tarp so that the grommets on the sides are as close as possible.

    • 6). Insert the zip ties though the grommets along the sections of tarp. Loop each zip tie around the framing and then pull to tighten. Repeat this step for all of the grommets on the edges of the vinyl tarp.

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